Why Auto Critic

Engine Tester

When it comes to vehicles…we do not buy…sell…or repair…we just inspect! That is why our A S E certified technicians inspect from 150 to 300 points automobiles (some vehicles are more complex than others). Call us BEFORE you make your final offer. Get our multi-point, unbiased report on the condition of any used car, van, or truck you are planning to buy. Our certified mechanic and test van will go to the vehicle’s location.

Now you can buy a used car without buying surprises. Auto Critic, DFW’s most comprehensive used car inspection service, eliminates most risks associated with a used car purchase.
Auto Critic has inspected thousands of used vehicles for buyers throughout the United States. Our consumer credibility and growth has attracted national attention in Time, Business Week, the Wall Street Journal, and on ABC’s Good Morning America.

We have one goal: to provide buyers of used cars with a comprehensive and unbiased evaluation of a vehicle’s condition–BEFORE they buy. With an Auto Critic inspection, you can minimize risk and worry of finding any surprises after your purchase. You can have peace of mind in knowing that you bought a peach instead of a lemon.

Auto Critic technicians are certified by the National Institute of Automotive Excellence (A S E), and have a minimum five years experience in automobile diagnostics, repair and restoration. Our diagnostic mobile units contain accurate, modern testing equipment.  Auto Critic doesn’t repair or sell parts. As a result, every vehicle we inspect receives an unbiased, no-nonsense evaluation and analysis. And when your inspection is complete, you receive an objective, written report that we stand behind.