What Is The Auto Critic?

Auto Critic is the oldest name for pre-purchase car inspection services in the United States. The franchise had national exposure on ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s Money Talk, USA Today, Business Week, Time Magazine, Inc., and News Day. Auto Critic was conceived and founded in 1989 by Patrick Ludwick, in Austin, Texas, and in a short time had been expanded to cover most major cities in the United States. The Auto Critic franchise dissolved in the mid-1990s, leaving only a few offices in operation. The Dallas/Fort Worth office is now independently owned, yet still only hires certified mechanics with at least five years experience servicing most makes and models of used cars and trucks.

Why Not Your Mechanic?

Mustang dashWhy not? A mechanic at your local garage is not in the business of used car evaluations. It matters not as to how honest or competent he is. Our inspections are a regimented routine, designed to expose items often overlooked. Remember that Auto Critic does not fix/repair components that need to be corrected. Our mission is to provide you with an unbiased opinion as to the true mechanical condition of a used vehicle.  If a seller hires a technician to perform repairs on items identified in an inspection, it is often possible for them to provide a receipt or even a picture of the repaired or corrected issues.

Mobile Service

Auto Critic is a 100% mobile service. Our trucks will travel to location for a used car to be inspected (your home, place of employment, seller’s location, or a car dealership). Our vans are fully equipped to evaluate all aspects of the used vehicle. Auto Critic lifts vehicles and is able to give a more precise review of a vehicle from that standing. Most mobile services DO NOT lift vehicles and some do not even test drive.

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