Auto Critic performs a thorough mechanical inspection using this report form. We carry all equipment necessary to lift a vehicle, remove wheels/debris shields, and inspect suspension and brake components, as well as look for accident/structural damage. An elcometer is used to check for paint/body work. We scan diagnostic systems to identify codes (active, pending, or recently reset), pressure test, and then test drive.

Typically, we charge $175-$450 depending on vehicle model and location. For example, basic commuter and economy cars do not take as long to inspect as exotic luxury, classic, antique, or muscle cars. Custom builds, large trucks, and large SUVs also require more time and effort. Special testing required for certain models also affects the price. Inspection services costing less are not performing a comparable mechanical examination.

For items which need pictures to assist in explaining, we do carry digital cameras. After an inspection, a report and any pictures taken are sent to you, accompanied by a phone call.

Generally, appointments are set within 24-48 hours, M-F (weather tentative). Appointments taken Saturday are to be performed the following week. Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal is accepted as payment.

Please let us know if you have specific questions, or if we may be of service.

Qualifying questions for you to understand what an inspection service is going to provide:

  • Was the person prospectively inspecting that vehicle a certified mechanic, ever?
  • Will that vehicle be lifted and any debris shields that obstruct view undercarriage be removed? Most high-end cars have shields that protect (hide) the coolant module, engine and transmission, hence leaks are not visible without lowering these shields!
  • Will that suspension be loaded and unloaded during the inspection (this requires lifting)?
  • Will an elcometer be used to search for bondo or paint work on metal surfaces?
  • Will that inspector discuss their report with me by phone?
  • Will that inspection be performed by a technician who inspects hundreds of vehicles per year?
  • Is this technician a full-time inspector, or a sub-contractor on his lunch-break with less than an hour to allegedly do a thorough inspection?
  • Will you be able to provide any pictures of that vehicle’s undercarriage, once lifted?